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Have you ever wished to escape from your everyday life and enjoy the beauties of nature? You deserve a break. Forget all the stress and obligations, leave them at home and bring only good vibes and positive thoughts with you. Allow yourself to wake up with the song of the birds and relax your mind. Do not forget that the body and mind are closely connected, and this holiday will renew you.

If you want a dream vacation, the right choice for you is Villa Sujevic in a small, picturesque place with the Mediterranean spirit called Karojba. Accommodation of 3 stars, synthesis of untouched nature and modern design, that perfectly blends glass and wooden surfaces. It is a place that combines luxury and the most modern design and creates a harmony that gives you a sense of home.

On the ground floor there is a spacious living room, dining room with modern equipped kitchen for gourmets, and a private corner of complete silence. There is one bedroom on the ground floor and two spacious bedrooms on the upper floor, each one with private bathroom. The view of the nature is so beautiful that mornings will be unreal. Dream with your eyes open.

The kitchen combines the most modern design and functionality. It is spacious and its elements are simple lines. Try the Istrian food and drink and pleasantly surprise yourself with various tastes. Why do most guests prefer just the kitchen? It's because love still goes through the stomach. The central part of the ground floor are dining and living room. Dining room is in perfect harmony with the kitchen and living room. It's a light, open room overlooking the courtyard.

Modern architecture is characterized by a design that rules aesthetics. The interior of the house is extremely important and therefore the living room is designed exclusively to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Both, living and dining rooms overlook the courtyard. It's a space where you'll probably feel best. All four bedrooms, with their comfortable beds and soft mattresses will lure you every morning to stay in the dream world for a while, will be your place of true, complete Relaxation. Finally, the space of your privacy-the bathroom intended to offer you comfort. In addition to being pleasant to the eye because of its modern design, you can turn it into your own small, private spa in no time. Let it be your little "Feel Good Corner".

Enjoy in all-day sun, natural light and a pleasant breeze. Terraces are a place reserved exclusively for relaxation and enjoyment, after all – it is your vacation and you deserve it. Equipped to the smallest detail, the terrace of the villa offers you comfort and is so tempting that it sometimes steal the role of Dining room in the morning and evening hours.

We are sure that during your stay, you will relax your body and mind, and that you will feel that you are exactly where you need to be.

We thank you for choosing our villa for your vacation and hope that you will feel like home!

For all possible questions we are at your disposal!


Villa Sujevic

Karojba 57G, Karojba

52424 Motovun

Phone: +385 52 621598

Fax: +385 52 621841

Mobitel: +385 98 260344 , +385 98 1638153

Email: ivan.sujevic@pu.t-com.hr